Age of Empires 4: Everything We Know So Far


    Age of Empires 4 is being developed by Relic Entertainment. They are known for the Company of Heroes, which is regarded as one of the best strategy games.

    This will be the first new entry in the series in well over ten years. The previous instalment Age of Empires 3 was released all the way back in 2005. Unusually, it had almost been a decade with no signs of next release. But now finally, the long wait has finished as it is reported that the fourth part is under development.

    How do we know the Age of Empires 4 is coming?

    A trailer was released by the developers ‘Relic Entertainment’ to announce their new game. If you haven’t watched it yet, here is the video:

    When will the game release?

    Age of Empires 4 is expected to launch in 2020. However, no release date has been confirmed yet. According to a recent leak, it is assumed that the release date sometime in mid-2020 is planned. More information and gameplay trailers will be revealed during this year’s E3.

    Age of Empires 4: Everything We Know So Far

    What will be Age of Empires 4 gameplay and storyline?

    The trailer which was released earlier revealed a few things about the upcoming game using the animated concept art. It indicated that the Age of Empires 4 would not take the series to a single new era. Instead, a variety of armies from previous games in the series were presented in the video. Those armies were Native Americans, British Redcoats, Japanese samurai, and others.

    Apart from this, it is reported that the remastered version of both Age of Empires 2 and 3 are also in development. Those who want to experience the same old concept with some customizations could go for these versions without any settlement.