A blog is online stage where people post their own thoughts or something informative or some advertisement of their product. In present days almost everything is done online and so everyday new bloggers are starting up their 

    careers. Initially it may be very tough.

    So some guidelines have been provided for the bloggers who are just starting their careers.


    1. Maintaining Consistency: Maintaining regularity in posting is one of the most important trait of a blogger. Just posting, posting and posting and then disappearing for months is not going to work.

    One should work continuously and show his readers that he is really active in blogging community and really intend to continue to provide them with valuable content. Now, consistency may be different for different people. If someone blog with long gaps in between like three or four months, the readers may shift to another blogger. So it is recommended to post at least once a month.

    1. Keyword Matters: Before even start writing a blog one should think about the keyword they want to rank for and the audience they want to target. If there is relevancy of the content to their audience there is a higher chance of traffic. One can get started with Ubersuggest or SEMRursh to find out keyword volume, keyword difficulty, competitor analysis and then can start writing better content optimized for that keyword. And the keyword repetition should be 1-2% of the total word count. One should try to use keywords in title. 
    1. Start off with a Title: One should not just start writing a blog post without any exact blog title. Because out of ten people eight of them are going to read the title but only two of them going to click through and read the entire post. So it does not matter how rich and amazing a post is in content, no one is going to read it if the title is not catchy enough. If some creativity is needed, one should go through magazines or some other articles. What one need is a catchy and SEO friendly title.  And creating more than one variation of titles is suggested and then one can take suggestions from few friends and pick up the best one.
    1. Introduction: Its another important part of the blog. In introduction one need to hook the readers with something bold. And at the same time introduction is not just talking or hooking people its also about what one is going to cover up in their post. Giving a over view of what the post going to teach them is a great way to hook them and make them go more into the post.

    1. Body: In body one should include subheadings. Each subheading should not contain more than five to six sentences. Always one have to keep in mind that the content should be easy to skim. If people cannot skim then the post is not going to do well. And in addition to that, while writing the content in the body it is recommended to link to other people. Because what happens when one open up their sources, they are citing them. It creates more credibility for them makes him and his business look more as an expert. And that is what one should perceived at when he is writing a content.
    1. Conclusion: Conclusion summarizes what the post is about. It is suggested to end the conclusion with question. Then there is more possibilities of people leaving a comment. This creates engagement which is going to generate more sales of the product or service. And it has been found that a lot of people after landing in the blog post they quickly scroll down to the bottom, check out the conclusion and then they go back to read the entire post assuming that they like the conclusion. So labelling the conclusion is important. It should not be fancy, better to keep it simple.
    1. Link Up: Linking up to other’s people post flattens them. Especially when they are linked up in a positive way. People loves to get back links and when one link out with someone it drives in more traffics. Just notify them by sending an email. A lot of people, who got linked up, do not mind sharing blogs in their Twitter. Apart from it you can manually reach out to bloggers for sharing content.  It not only drives more traffic but also makes the people whom one link look great.

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    1. Replying: One should never forget to reply to the comments of the readers. Interaction is another way of getting more traffics. The readers love getting replied and will come back to the post to reply to the blogger’s comment again. And it may turs the readers into subscribers and the subscribers to customers.
    1. Niche it Down: Niche oriented websites is really suggested for the beginners. Because it is better to cover all the questions on a particular topic than to post about a number of topic. If the website is made rich with quality and informative content on something specific and can satisfy all the queries the readers will stick to that website. This will make the readers think that the blogger is an expert in that particular field. And the readers will surely visit the website when they need to know something about that topic.
    2. Be Rich in Content: Always one should need to post high quality blogs with relevant facts and information. And its better if practical data and examples are attached. The content should be user friendly. You can post your article on free guest posting sites too. The content should not be very much fancy and must be written in simple language.
      1. Test, Test and Test: After writing a blog one should keep on testing how he can improve the blog. One should keep testing new strategies and need to see which one gets most response. If the previous strategy fails, one need to be courageous enough to try new things. Only by this one can keep improving.
      2. Keep Evolving: Since we are talking about online blogging it revolves around technology. And technology is evolving daily so we need to upgrade ourselves with technology. And the content should also be updated accordingly.

      So, at the end we should be passionate about our work and have to be confident in our own works. One cannot be the perfect blogger overnight. But of coarse in every field there is some rules which can guide one to be more perfect.