Brightburn Ending Explained, James Gunn’s plans on Brightburn 2


    It looks like Batman was right about the 1% chance of Superman going bad and Superman didn’t just go bad in Brightburn, he became a psychotic mass murderer. So for those people who don’t know Brightburn is a movie about an alien child who comes to earth and is adopted by a couple. Sound familiar, well that’s because it is the origin of Superman.

    The only difference with Superman And Brightburn is that our protagonist (or antagonists in his case) Brandon becomes the villain. So if you have come here looking for answer and explanation about the ending of Brightburn you have come to the right place. But those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet you are being warned that this article contains spoilers about the movie so turn back if you don’t want to get spoiled.
    Brightburn Ending Explained, James Gunn's plans on Brightburn 2

    So at the end of Brightburn when Brandon has almost killed everyone he knows (along with a bunch of cops) his mother tries to kill him with a piece of the spaceship in which Brandon came because that’s the only way he can be hurt. However, Brandon sees this and takes off in the sky along with his mother and drops her. Then in order to cover his track and all the killing he has done in his house he crashes a nearby passenger plane onto his house, killing everyone onboard.

    Now the interesting thing here is this is not where the movie ends as in the ending we see news reports about Brandon going around the world causing havoc, destroying buildings and killing hundreds of people. Now the problem here is no one knows how to defeat/kill Brandon because the only person who knew about his weakness was his mother and now she is dead. So there is no way for anyone stopping Brandon.

    But we could see a sequel movie about a group of people trying to stop Brandon. And this is what Director David Yarovesky was talking about in his recent interview with Bloody-DisgustingIn that interview, Yarovesky talks about the Potential of Brightburn 2 and how he would approach that prospect. “To me, if we are so lucky as to ever expand the universe of Brightburn, I would like to do it in the same way: that no one would see it coming and then we would drop some really surprising thing on everyone,” Yarovesky told the interviewer.

    So a Brightburn sequel is definitely on the table and the only thing that is stopping it is how well it performs at the Box Office. And judging from the reviews of critics and audience we don’t think that won’t be a problem.