David Dastmalchian will star in Suicide Squad 2, 2021 Release Date Confirmed


    When you search for the most awaited films in the span of the next two years, probably what you might see on the top would be Suicide Squad 2! As of January 30th, 2019, the official year Warner Bros declared for release is reportedly 2021. Before we jump into the latest rumors, news, and other stuff about the suicide squad 2, let’s look at its prequel.
    For those of you living under a rock, this is what suicide squad was all about.

    suicide squad 2

    The whole idea of a movie called the Suicide squad was inspired by the DC comics Suicide Squad. It follows the misadventures of the task force X whose members were supervillains pulled out from the prison to execute dangerous terrorist groups thus, saving the world from a substantial threat. All in return for reduced sentences.

    Directed by David Ayer, this collected huge sales along with the hearts of both fans and critics all over the world! Just the thought of there being a sequel to this movie is plain exciting. There is now the prospect of us seeing Quinn’s craziness and joker’s charming Batman fandom all over again!

    According to the previous reports, King Shark, Peacemaker, Pola-Dot Man, Ratcatcher are among the supervillains that have been confirmed to be working onboard this movie. Harley Quinn and Joker aka Jared Leto along with Captain Boomerang say they will be returning for the reboot. But as of now, only the places of Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang(Jai Courtney) and Amanda Waller(Viola Davis) are having a probability of absolute unity.

    The director James Gunn shared some news on the storyboard. Since this work has been under development for the past three years, it’s finally nice to see some improvement. THR confirms the previously heard rumors that the new suicide squad will be less of a sequel to the old one and more of a relaunch kind of thing.

    Coming to the plot of the suicide squad 2, as of now we have no clue on how it would go. Before the Gunn news broke out, we could have a pretty guess about it going along the continuation of the lives of each of the squad members. But now, the storyline is almost next to unpredictable.

    David Dastmalchian will star in Suicide Squad 2, 2021 Release Date Confirmed

    James Gunn had revealed his plans of not using any of the actors from the First Suicide Squad, not even Will Smith and Margot Robbie. They were extremely praised for their roles in the movie. Instead of the old cast, a fresh new team was chosen by Gunn which included Idris Elba, Daniela Melchior will be playing Ratcatcher and John Cena who will be playing Peacemaker. The cast also includes David Dastmalchian, who was recently praised for his role in Ant Man.

    According to the audience, Warner Bros should have the squad up and against some huge superhero instead of some random villain who nobody really cares about(nothing personal, Cara!). However, we cannot predict how it would really go. With the now confirmed release date, the first trailer is more likely to be out in 2020.

    The only thing we helpless fanatics are capable of doing now is waiting for another year or two for the official teasers and the movie itself to be out!