Demi Lovato might just have a thing for Noah Centineo!


    Love is in the air! Or it could just be the fans’ wishful thinking. Demi Lovato is now among the 17 million followers of our favorite Netflix star Noah Centineo on Instagram. Fans have been going crazy for the past few days on the objectives behind Lovato’s move. Some are revolted and angry while the others are shipping them already with cute ship names. Looks like we shouldn’t be surprised to see a few memes on the stuff cooking between Lovato and Centineo. After a long wait of boredom, Instagram fans finally have something to think of!
    A few reasonable people argue on the stupidity of the occurrence of them dating, seeing how Demi, 26 is older than Noah by almost 4 years. However, some others argue that age is just a number and love has no bounds!

    Fans have had conversations about them going to the same workout place. This news also leads to the speculation that they might have gotten closer due to the frequent contacts. This might just be the much-awaited trunk on which fans can create more rumors.
    So far, the only conclusions fans are quite a few in numbers. Some say that she is stalking Noah. Others think that they are secretly seeing each other. Some say that they met in the gym. Others comment that she just wants to keep in touch, after liking his photos. Some also wonder if they might just be onto some secret collaboration work.
    Who knows? Maybe the Tell me you love me singer might just show up with a brand new series casting The Perfect Date actor!