Detective Pikachu Premiere will be followed by Kathryn Newton & Justice Smith


    Detective Pikachu Premiere will happen today and in this Premiere Kathryn Newton & Justice Smith Hit the Yellow Carpet

    The long wait for our favorite Pikachu movie is about to end. The Pokémon: detective Pikachu will officially hit theatres in May 2019, possibility the 10th. The audience who were fortunate enough to view the premiere says that this Pokémon movie would steal hearts of not only the fan community but also from the people who cannot tell a Psyduck from a Jigglypuff.
    This all-new movie written and directed by Rob Letterman, and produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter be categorized under the mystery fantasy genre. The story revolves around 21-year-old Tim, Harry Goodman’s son, trying to solve the mystery of Goodman going missing. Tim also has the help from Harry’s former Pokemon partner detective Pikachu, who is hilariously crazy. They then go in a Thrilling and adventurous journey that takes them through the streets of Ryme city under the radiant lights in search of clues. They cross a diverse cast of Pokemon and humans since Ryme city is a peaceful community which homes both Pokemon and humans who live side by side. They then discover a shocking plot which when not acted upon would lead to the collapse of the whole Pokemon universe coexistence as we now know.
    Ryan Reynolds, who voiced over for Pokemon, nailed the entire act making the whole work of pokemon a huge hit. Just in time for this release of Warner Bros, Build-A-Bear allows us to now get the painstakingly cute Psyducks.
    Get all your Pokemon cards at the ready and rewatch all the Pokemon animes in all its glory! Oh, and reading all of the manga again wouldn’t hurt either. Brace yourselves for the astounding response the detective Pikachu will create once it’s out!