Ellen Page Hints Umbrella Academy Season 2 release Date on Netflix, Confirmed ?


    Umbrella Academy season 2 cannot be expected before 2020 Since season 1 was announced on July 2017. Its filming was started from January 2018 and it was premiered at Netflix on February 2019.

    In season 1 of recently released Netflix’s show Umbrella academy we have witnessed the lives of adopted children of Reginald Hargreaves as adults these siblings all have something in common they were born on the same day from spontaneous pregnancies all over the globe and they were believed to have extraordinary powers, so Hargreaves found and adopted seven of the forty-three babies who were born on that day.

    His motivation was to save the world but he did not seem to have any love at all for the children he had adopted therefore the children grew up in an emotionally stunted. All siblings seemed to be special and unique except for Vanya, Vanya was always told by her father that she was an ordinary child and she was suppressed by Hargreaves saying she has no special powers, Hargreaves also provided medication to suppress her.

    She was not allowed to participate in the mission with them. But the biggest reveal in season 1 came when we saw Vanya actually had special powers and Hargreaves kids have to escape from the apocalypse she causes. These leaves everyone dangling from the major cliffhanger from the season’s finale and there are plenty of questions about what’s in for season 2.

    Ellen Page Hints Umbrella Academy Season 2 release Date on Netflix, Confirmed ?
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    Everybody is questioning about the Hargreaves children in season 2.where  did they go? Since we know that Hargreaves was lying to Vanya about her superpower but in the final episode of season 1 “White violin” Vanya realized about her power and she creates apocalypse due to which the five brothers have to escape and the only way to escape it is by jumping to some unknown time.

    Now with this ending, it creates confusion amongst the audience that what will change as a result of there time jump? But one thing to point that when they are about to jump we have seen the change in their bodies.

    We know that the goal of Hargreaves was to stop the apocalypse by helping Vanya learn how to control her powers and if she knows how to control her power she won’t cause the apocalypse later. So it may happen that the five of the brothers again return from their time jump.

    Ellen Page Hints Umbrella Academy Season 2 release Date on Netflix, Confirmed ?
    Picture Credit- Netflix

    Till now no official announcement has been made about the season 2 of recently released Netflix show Umbrella Academy. With no surprises season, 1 has been loved by a huge audience and now there is a question in everybody’s mind about season 2. Season 2 of this show probably be premiered within the summer of 2020. Till then let us not jump onto the time to know about the season 2.

    So as for the release date for the Umbrella Academy Season 2. We have good news and bad news for you. First the good news. Ellen Page who was last season villain Vanya against whom our protagonists were fighting against might have just given a hint about the upcoming season 2.

    However, she wasn’t clear when season 2 is coming but she confirmed that she would be reprising her role as Vanya in the upcoming season of Umbrella Academy. Now the bad news. The bad news is that writers and director of the series have been very secretive about the release date. And they are trying very hard not to hint at when the next season is upcoming.

    Therefore we might have to wait a few months before we could see season 2 of Umbrella Academy. So what were your best and favorite moments of Umbrella Academy Season 1? Let us know in the comment section down below.