Epic Games Announced “John Wick” In ‘Fortnite’


    Epic Games Developers Announced the latest event for Battle Royale Game Fortnite, you can play like a John Wick and there are more features for players that make the player more assassin.

    John Wick Fortnite

    In the past several hours, players who have logged on to Fortnite have been greeted with a free offer from Epic Games. The news page display that players can earn $10 if they add 2-factor authentication to their Epic Games account. This reportedly marked as a celebration of the store’s unannounced mega sale.

    You can buy a john wick gear skin and there is a limited time mode which “Wick’s Bounty” includes an unlockable goodies

    Fornite Wick’s Bounty

    However, the message soon disappeared. This might be because it went out too early than expected. The reward provided is for the Epic Games Store, and not for Fortnite particularly. Although, players can always use it for purchasing V-bucks, which can be further spent to buy new skin, glider, harvesting tool, or cosmetic in the game.

    Epic Games has been facing a plethora of security issue since they launched their store last December. Players have been worried by Fortnite and the Epic Games Store’s lack of privacy options and other basic security features. This has driven many attempted scams and even some money laundering schemes by a few offenders.

    It will be a positive development to see some new information regarding this in the Epic Games Store mega sale soon. Currently, it is being thought that the news tab might have listed the notification by mistake. The slip might have occurred due to a data entry error.

    Meanwhile, there has not been any official comment made by the Epic Games yet. Neither have they confirmed anything regarding the uncertain mega sale. We will let you know further as soon as we get a reply from them.