GTA 6: E3 2019 Rumours, Releasing In 2020 with PS5?


    GTA 6 rumours have speeded up in 2019 and it is likely to continue even after this year’s E3.

    Rockstar Games is planning to reveal a project during the LA expo and it is expected to be a surprise for everyone. Rumours suggest that this is the same unannounced game that is said to be coming to E3 2019.

    If this is true, then fans will finally be able to see a Rockstar game appear at E3 2019. Some massive announcements are also possible.

    GTA 6: E3 2019

    It has been six years since the last GTA game was launched. It still seems unlikely that GTA 6 game will be announced this June.

    However, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter made a prediction regarding Rockstar back in January 2019. He said, ‘I think we’ll hear about a new BioShock game and a new title from Rockstar, both for 2020.’

    The idea that GTA 6 would be revealed so soon after Red Dead Redemption 2 seems unlikely. Nevertheless, a teaser can be released during E3 2019. This would be enough to send fans wild before a major launch in 2020.

    GTA 6

    Neither Rockstar nor Take-Two have said anything about their plans for GTA 6. Although, they have revealed that they are open to future games appearing on services like Google Stadia.

    The next Grand Theft Auto game is being made for the PS5 and Xbox Two, and also for the Stadia.

    Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that Take-Two Interactive is ready to support new ventures, especially those which hope to remove the need for expensive hardware to run games. Zelnick also declared that they will be focusing on the emerging market of subscriptions services in the games industry, during a recent company earnings call.

    Google Stadia is expected to offer a similar kind of subscription, plus the games will also be available to buy digitally on an individual basis. If GTA 6 arrives on Google Stadia then this would remove a lot of hardware hurdles for Rockstar Games, as it streams directly from data centres around the world. It would also make the game more accessible.