Halo Infinite: Everything We Know About Releasing


    At E3 2018, Microsoft revealed Halo Infinite, the continuation of Master Chief’s story and the sequel to Halo 5. 343 industries has given us a little more information about the game.

    The rumours suggest that the story of the game will be more adaptive by the user’ choice. The RPG elements will be more than any previous versions of the game.

    Halo Infinite: trailer, release date and info dump, E3 2019

    Halo Infinite is rumoured to release in Holiday 2020. This is plausible since the game is cross-gen. The game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox console and Windows 10.

    Halo Infinite will return with its multiplayer features. It won’t have a Battle Royale mode.

    Microsoft will most likely release a trailer at E3 2019. They did reveal that they had big plans for this E3, it might as well be a trailer.

    Halo Infinite

    And the next E3 after this, they will probably release the info dump. Looking at the beginning of production of the game, the game should likely release in late 2020.