Idris Elba is deathstroke in Suicide Squad, Here are some true facts


    Fans went crazy when they heard Suicide Squad’s sequel is happening and it looks like they will not miss any small detail deducing the facts about the movie. Couple of months ago, when Marvel fired James Gunn, DC took him on board to direct the villainous addressed movie. Later Will Smith dropped his role as Deadshot from the movie. Some fans were unhappy but soon after DC casted another phenomenal actor Idris Elba for the role.

    Multiple speculations state that Idris Elba was going to substitute the role of Deadshot in the sequel. But recently another rumour circulated that Elba is not playing the role of Deadshot instead he is jumping onto new character in the Suicide Squad. The rumour speculates that Idris Elba’s character is having a daughter, so it makes us to narrow down the possible character. The high possibiltes includes of Deathstroke and Sport master.

    Both this characters are badass villain and anti-hero in some sense. It will be awesome to include them in a movie themed like Suicide Squad. But Warner Bros. doesn’t have anything to say about this rumour. Joe Manganiello was previously seen on the Justice league’s post credit scenes as Deathstroke. If Elba played DeathStroke then it is no brainer to say that DCEU doesn’t really like to keep up with same characters over a long run. It’s not the first time in DCEU that such thing is happening. Henry Cavill, who portrays Superman, Ben Affleck who portrays Batman also left the DCEU due to creative differences.

    The purposed sequel will hit theaters on August 6 2019.