iPhone 11: Everything About The Upcoming Apple Device


    We are now less than a week away to witness Google’s first handsets of the year. These smartphones are expected to be based on the Google Pixel 3 devices that were launched last year. Google is trying to revive its cost-friendly devices by adding a few premium features and budget-friendly hardware to it. It is trying to obtain a perfect balance that will be largely appreciated by the masses due to its competitive pricing.

    Similarly, OnePlus will be announcing the OnePlus 7 series. It is anticipated to come in two variants: OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The top-end variant will feature a display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a pop-up selfie camera. Accompanying with the triple rear camera setup. The main shooter will be a 48MP sensor.

    iPhone 11
    iPhone 11

    Therefore we can expect some fabulous devices from Android this year. But, Apple has always remained the centre of attraction. This year they are coming with iPhone 11 and 11 Max.

    There is still some time for them to get officially announced. But, we can’t wait, right?

    So, Hasan Kaymak, a graphics designer from Germany has worked hard to bring the concept of the iPhone 11 and 11 Max using all the leaks and rumours. And the results are stunningly beautiful.

    iPhone 11
    iPhone 11

    We can see the newly designed camera module which will feature three rear sensors. It will also include a minuscule camera bump.

    Kaymak has taken a few liberties for creative purposes. He went with the traditional switch that all the other iPhone models possess. He did not use the iPad-like mute switch. Although, rumours suggest that Apple will eventually revise the design of this switch.

    The designer also added a black camera module. Rumours suggest that the new square module housing three cameras will be colour matched to the rest of the device to give it a more streamlined design.

    A new video posted on YouTube by ConceptsiPhone shows the colour-matched camera. They have collected all the above data and corrected a few new renders from Kaymak to produce these results.

    There is even a red variant of iPhone 11 thrown in the mix. But, there is still no confirmation from Apple whether it is actually planning to release red versions of its next-gen iPhone or not. The video gives us a fantastic idea of what to expect when Apple finally releases the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11Max later this year. You can check it out below:

    iPhone 11 and iPhone 11Max are expected to launch in September 2019.