Keanu Reeves talks about John Wick sequel & hints at Matrix 4 ‘reboot’


    Fans of the superhit franchise The Matrix should embrace themselves as there might be a very good possibility of a reboot. Matrix 4 has been talked about and rumored for the past couple of years.

    Warner Bros. was also rumored to reboot the franchise. Michael B. Jordan was being speculated to star in the film. While the Avengers screenwriter Zak Penn was working on the script for The Matrix 4.

    Keanu Reeves talks about John Wick sequel & hints at Matrix 4 'reboot'

    Whereas Matrix and John Wick star Keanu Reeves also talked about it one of his recent interviews. He said, “I’M SUPER HAPPY THAT THE WACHOWSKIS ARE NOT JUST DOING A MATRIX, BUT THEY’RE EXPANDING WHAT WE ALL LOVED.” He seems extremely excited about the movie.

    Its been almost 16 years since Keanu Reeves last reprised his role as THE ONE. and even though the Matrix was a break hit success Keanu didn’t have any big successes after that. Well until John Wick.

    John Wick was directed by Chad Stahelski who was also the stunt double for Keanu Reeves. And with John Wick has proved yet again that Keanu Reeves is indeed an action movie star. He has also proved that one doesn’t need a shaky cam and frequent jump cut to hide one’s flaw as Keanu himself is credited with doing 90% of all his stunt in the movie.

    Later on, Stahelski’s peeps reached out to Slash Film, concerned that such a rumor might spread. Thus to quickly put a cap on it, they clarified the filmmaker’s statements. In short, the Wachowski’s aren’t attached to a fourth “Matrix”.

    After 20 years even Keanu Reaves has aged considerably. However, he’s still doing action roles in movies so there is a good chance that he might be back for this new movie. Thus, we are expecting a very soon announcement of a reboot. We can hope that we get to say a proper farewell to The Matrix through one more movie.