After Avengers Endgame Russos will adapt Secret Wars for Marvel Phase 4

    Avengers: Endgame was only around the corner, bringing with it the culmination of the total MCU so much, but the world will go on. There has been a great deal of discussion concerning what will come next, along with the film’s authors have given a clue as to what that might entail, stating they wish to compose a Secret Wars film for your Russo Bros.
    Discussing with the press, writers Christopher Markus and Steven McFeely were asked about Marvel Secret Wars, which the Russos have voiced interest in, and when they would want to write them. Markus stated: “I must read ‘Secret Wars’ again. It’s been ten thousand years,” with McFeely adding, “If Joe and Anthony do another Marvel movie and they don’t have it, I will be personally offended.”
    Marvel Secret Wars
    The Russos stated last year that Secret Wars is a story they would be interested in adapting to the MCU, and they lately re-affirmed that want with MTV News, stating, “I keep saying Secret Wars’ cause which has been among the very first books that I fell in love with as a child… this thought of occasion storytelling. That is part of why we gravitate so ardently towards such occasion movies, and these outfit films are that the idea which you may include so many unique personalities, so many distinct points of view, and galvanise them about a narrative point is persuasive to us.”