Master of the Universe 2020 Release Date Confirmed Noah Centineo will Star as He Man


    This article is mainly for the fans of He-Man, for some years now we’re getting rumbles of making a live-action “Masters of the Universe” movie based off the popular toy line and the cartoon show of the same name.

    We have gotten a live action interpretation before Starring Dolph Lundgren probably the main reason is that most people weren’t a fan but earlier in the month we got rumbles of who could possibly be cast as He-Man?

    Noah Centineo He-Man, Masters of the Universe

    Well, today was confirmed that Noah Centineo is actually casting as He-Man in Masters of the Universe. Talk about more details about the movie it is set to start filming this summer in Prague currently having its eyes set on a summer 2020 release date.

    Masters of the Universe 2019

    If you are not familiar with the Masters of the Universe that’s okay that just probably means you’re under the age of 25 but basically it’s like Lord of the rings and star wars combined it’s a very fantasy sci-fi thriller that deals with a He-Man who wields a magical sword and turns into the very homoerotic sexy He-Man fighting alongside with his friend against the evil Skeletor who is looking pretty amazing on screen.

    Noah Centineo He-Man


    This is currently gonna be directed by Aaron and Adam Knee who don’t really have much to them other than a few short films but if there’s anything about first-time directors they have a lot of fresh and exciting ideas built in them for being able to make their first movie.

    Let’s Talk about Noah Centineo as He-Man, he is in the Fosters and those later episodes. Netflix gots like four movies on there and out of those four ones is more popular among teen that is “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”.

    He doesn’t really have the muscle built but if Marvel movies have taught us anything as people can get Jack pretty quick in just a few months time. The other things that do make people wonder are we always pictured He-Man as a 35-year-old maybe 40-year-old man but they’re going with someone pretty young here so this could be sort of a coming of age story.


    We just hope they do gear this towards older fans because if they gear it towards the young audiences who have no idea about who He-Man is, then you’re gonna be losing money at the box office.

    So, maybe it was a smart thing to pull a guy who is popular with a young crowd mostly the younger ladies and then the older people will come in if you give us a badass Skeletor if you give us good special effects bring in that tiger this has a lot of potentials.

    Skeletor, Masters of the Universe 2019

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