New Detective Pikachu Trailer ‘Destiny’ Reveals Psyduck Power & More New Pokemon


    Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is ready to hit the theatres on May 10, 2019. Warner Bros along with Toho has given us this movie. Pokémon fans are excited to watch this movie since it is the first live-action/animation film in Pokémon franchise.

    Warner Bros released a new trailer for the movie on Youtube on 1st May. The trailer kicks off with a car ride. Pikachu reluctantly massages Psyduck’s foot. There is an added scene where we can see Detective Pikachu and his addiction to caffeine which he calls ‘choices.’  We are going to be seeing many of our favorite Pokémon in this new movie like Psyduck, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Charizard, Squirtle, Mr. Mime, Ludicolo, Mewtwo and many more.

    The movie follows the story of Tim Goodman, a 21-year-old former Pokémon trainer. His father Harry Goodman, an ace detective, goes missing after an accident. Tim goes to Ryme city, where his father worked.

    And there Tim meets Pikachu, Harry’s former Pokémon partner, also a detective and both set out in their journey to find the whereabouts of Harry. In doing so, they meet Lucy Stevens and her Pokémon, Psyduck. All of them encounter a threat to the Pokémon world and try to prevent it from happening.

    Tim and Pikachu can communicate with each other making their duo more efficient and unique. The famous Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu in the movie and Justice Smith is playing the role of Tim Goodman.