New Overwatch update changes many characters, Havana Map and New Skin


    The “Hero Shooter” game has a new update this week. The team-based shooter multiplayer game, published by Blizzard The Overwatch 2.64 update fix notes aren’t fantastically long however they do bring a couple of new things. For one, it at long last pushes the as of late declared Havana delineate to the live servers. It likewise carries with it a couple of new skins that you won’t probably get in plunder boxes. This update is as of now out on PC and PS4 yet the Xbox One variant is as yet being chipped away at. There are likewise no equalization refreshes in this update.

    New Havana Map

    This guide is an Escort map, which implies that one group needs to escort a payload as far as possible of the guide while fighting off the protecting group. Junkertown, Rialto, and Dorado are instances of Escort maps as of now in the amusement. In patch notes Blizzard described the new Havana map as, “Begin your trip at the Taller de Sebastián, where the classic cars that line Havana’s bustling streets stop for refueling and repair. Escort a truck of rum barrels on the sun-drenched cobblestone roads, fighting off those who try to stop you. As you make your way, duck into a colorful building to escape enemy fire and savor the impressive flavors of Havana at La Cocina de Miranda or Café del Sol. Battle your opponents through the alleys until you reach the Don Rumbotico rum distillery, a once little-known local treasure that has recently earned international acclaim. Finally, guide the jalopy through the distillery to its destination at the Havana Sea Fort, a historical landmark recently purchased by an anonymous financial group and closed to the public.”

    New Skin

    Like a year ago, Blizzard has included two new All-Star skins to the amusement that are accessible for 200 League Tokens, which players can purchase with genuine cash or procure by viewing the Overwatch League. The skins this year are Atlantic All-Star Mercy and 2019 Pacific All-Star Lúcio. Be cautioned as these may be accessible from May 7 to May 22.

    This is like the Tracer and Genji skins from a year ago. Nonetheless, those skins are not at a bargain again this year.

    There are nine new skins just as a couple of feature introductions, acts out, triumph presents, and splashes. You can see the skins underneath. They are Socialite Ashe, Gwishin Bastion, Formal 76, Deadlock McCree, Scientist Moira, and Talon Baptiste, which are on the whole unbelievable. The epic skins are Racer Zarya, High Roller Wrecking Ball, and Circus Junkrat.