PlayStation Top games of 2019: The Most Popular Games to Play Right Now!


    Got a brand new Sony’s PlayStation 4? Or are you planning to get one? Or are you still wondering what you will do it once you get it? Well, here is your solution! Have a look at all the top trending PS4 games! Or like me, if you’re not a mainstream person and want some games which just have a beautiful storyline and plot in some epic mystical world, then you’re in for a surprise! Or are you more of a shooting person? No worries, there’s stuff here for you too! We have pooled these 13 PS4 games that could be just the right thing you needed! Each one of you can pick up at the least one favorite created just for you from this list as it includes all kinds of tastes.

    1. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life:


    It follows the life and crimes of the Kazuma Kiryu. It can be a bit overwhelming at first as the characters from the previous games will come and go but if you just roll on with it, it will be fine. These games are incredibly unique which includes solid beat-them-up type fights. It involves crime and hilariously amusing situations which is so worth buying it. The typical combat maneuvers are all included. This game, developed by Sega and released in 2016 has an absolutely amazing cinematic story line.

    2.     Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown:

    If you love flying air-crafts, and see them sweeping through the skies shooting off, this is THE game for you. This story is an actual drama which is well, engaging but the more interesting part is that the combat elements rock what with flying behind clouds and fighting in bad weather having visibility issues. this just makes the entire experience a whole lot juicier. Fighting drones, Night chasing, flying low, battles with intense pilots, bad weather conditions like lightning, it has it all. The music is in absolutely high quality. Developed by Bandai Namco entertainment, it was released in Jan 2019.

    3.     Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition:

    It is developed by Namco Tales Studio. This whole world can be categorized under awesomeness what with the world of Vesperia being entirely fictional. It follows the adventures of the group of misfits including the dark mage as we watch them grow along with the story line. The music is really enchanting. The definitive edition recreates the tales of Vesperia out in 2008 with a lot of new upgrades and improvements.

    4.     Battlefield V:

    It is set during the time of world war 2. Developed by EA Dice, it was released in November 2018. With the maps being vast among the others, many great updates can be seen from the first battlefield. The intro session is absolutely cool though. It, as the name already hints, is basically players shooting on the battlefields. on the whole, it amazing gameplay but the content has a shortage in certain factors.

    5.     Red Dead Redemption 2:

    It clearly has its origins from the Red Redemption original. Developed by Rockstar games, we witnessed its release in October 2018. The whole story centers around an outlaw cowboy gang leader Arthur Morgan. It has a lot of moving i.e riding and shooting. There seems to be the power behind the guns, seeing as how the blasting of guns here brings us this uncalled anticipation followed by satisfaction after the blast.

    6.     Hitman 2:

    Developed by IO interactive, it was released in november 2018. It is set in various locations namely one segment was in Indian environment, more specifically in Mumbai streets of mafia and other gang settlements. In the entire game, you are given multiple targets and assignments to kill for being promoted to the nest level. Disguising yourself, sabotaging things, shooting people, killing the bad guys in well, deceptively killing methods can be called the highlights for the game.

    7.    Marvel’s Spider-Man:

    If you’re a Marvel fan, this is it for you. Released in 2018, it was developed by Insomniac. The whole mid-air swinging moves are what brings the players here. The web button turns out to be really satisfying seeing the web glue flying out towards the bad guys.

    8.     Vampyr:

    Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, it was released in June 2018. Here, you will assume the role of Jonathan Greene, who when returning to London finds himself in a gutter craving for blood. The irony is that he is also a surgeon who is specialized in blood. The game has a really good storyline. It has more talking than combat. However, if you’re a fiction fan like me, fond of vampires and werewolves, you would definitely love this game!

    9.     Fortnite:

    It’s basically a survival game where the said survival is from the zombies. Guns have an actual pop to them which makes it interesting. Building cool forts while surviving the swamps of zombies is what the game is all about. Developed by EpicGames, it came out on PS4 in 2017.

    10.  Horizon Zero Dawn:

    Released in early 2017, it was developed by guerrilla games. The story is one of its best assets. Regions, Clans, Kings among others make the game really fascinating. It sort of gives the vibes of modern tomb raiser with the hiding and warfare kind of thing. The enemy creature’s designs are very creative and specific.

    11.  Devil May Cry 5:

    This acts like a triumph for all of videogame community’s combat. Nero returns from devil may cry 4 with his pretty charming character and his methodological combat moves. The updates include a load of options for the arm equipment like buster arm, gestra among the others. This action-packed game was developed by Cap Com and was released to PS4 on March 2019.

    12.  Kingdom hearts 3:

    Released on January 2019, this fun game was developed by Square Enix. This action-packed video game has crossovers from almost all the Disney worlds. The entire plot revolves around Sora who then gangs up some sidekicks from the Disney world including Goofy from mickey mouse!

    13.  WWE 2K19:

    This probably goes without saying. This professional wrestling video game revolves around wrestling and fighting. A shout out to all the lovers of WWE tournament, here is your chance to wrestle virtually. It came onto PS4 in October 2017, after being developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts.

    These are just a few handpicks! PS4 offers a million more options which might be just right for you! Feel free to share your own views and opinions on these games in the comments section below!