Rick and Morty season 4 release date has been confirm by officials early mid August


    Looks like Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are having absolute fun in torturing the fans of Rick and Morty, seeing how along with the whole production team, they remain tight-lipped on the whole news and details behind the season 4!

    The season 4 remains as much of a mystery it was at the conclusion of season 3 as it is at the moment! The creators have been teasing the fans by dropping a few teasers and tidbits on the season 4 but have otherwise revealed nothing of significance.

    However, after performing an intensive digging for information, this is what we have come up with!

    First off, let’s answer the When? Question. It was originally expected to be released on the Christmas of 2018 or the April Fool’s day of 2019 but, both of which had been apparently unsuccessful. Currently, the expected date for the season 4 premiere is in late July or mid-August, since the production is still underway!

    Since the season 4 is highly anticipated, even more than its predecessors, it might have a higher episode count than its counterparts! The predicted range includes around 14 episodes, making the entire series a set of 70 episodes in total of all the seasons.
    At the least, we are pretty sure of a Rick and Morty season 4 happening thanks to Roiland’s post. The remaining updates, however, are yet to be unveiled by the developing team. Guess we just have to while our time until then!