Rockstar Games: How GTA 6 Will Be Different From GTA 5?


    GTA 5 has been one of the most successful games ever for Rockstar. Forthwith, the stakes are even higher for its successor, the GTA 6.

    It is expected to be different from the previous versions in many ways.

    One of the most awaited and expected changes in the Grand Theft Auto 6 is the debut of a female protagonist.

    How GTA 6 Will Be Different From GTA 5?

    Rockstar has not added any influential female supporting characters since Catalina in GTA 3. Also, the developer has been criticized for a sexist attitude towards the woman. The game is filled with strip clubs and prostitutes. So, there might be a bold move taken by Rockstar to show the world how well it can incorporate a strong female character.

    Further, GTA 6 might be set in Vice City. The Grand Theft Auto series is 21 years old. It would be a fine idea to come back from where it all started. With Vice City back in the game, GTA might get to turn around the entire franchise.

    How GTA 6 Will Be Different From GTA 5?

    According to a report, Rockstar has set the release target for GTA 6 some ‘3-4 years’ later. This means that the game would not be out until 2021 or 2022. Moreover, Rockstar has always delayed its release target. Same was seen in its recent release Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Apart from this, Rockstar Games will be removing a multitude of songs from GTA 4. Their license will soon expire. A number of tracks from the Russian radio station Vladivostok FM will be removed. However, the expired songs would be replaced by new Russian tracks.

    This is not the first time Grand Theft Auto will be removing content from a title. Earlier, the PC version of GTA: Vice City temporarily disappeared because of the disagreement with the Michael Jackson license. Similarly, in GTA: San Andreas a patch was released for the PC that removed the songs.