Selena Gomez And Bill Murray Are Getting Married Confirmed?


    The Cannes Film Festival is seeing a whole bunch of elites attending it. Selena Gomez stunned the audience with her all-white outfits on day 1. She was there for the screening of her film ‘The Dead Don’t Die’. Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray were also spotted along with her.

    Selena Gomez shared some pictures of herself from the festival on her Instagram account. She looks remarkable, but it’s actually the caption that has grabbed eyeballs.

    She captions it as:

    ‘My first time in Cannes! I’m so honoured to have been a part of this movie with Jim and the whole cast.
    By the way, Bill Murray and I are getting married.’

    Selena Gomez And Bill Murray Are Getting Married Confirmed?

    We all are aware of Selena Gomez’s weird sense of humour. It connects well with that of her former boyfriend Justin Bieber. Earlier, Justin surprised everyone by announcing that his wife Hailey Baldwin is pregnant with his child. It actually turned out to be an April fools prank which went utterly wrong.

    Selena too posted this shocking news as a joke. The 26-year-old diva took on to Instagram and announced that she is getting married to the acclaimed actor Bill Murray. What makes it surprising is the fact that they are almost 42 years apart as Bill being 68 years-old.

    Several celebrities including Benny Blanco and others congratulated her and said that they are in compliance. Fans are shocked at this decision. They are reacting hilariously. Well, it is just a joke and people need to chill out.

    Selena Gomez And Bill Murray

    Pictures of Selena and Bill’s close proximity at the screening further fuelled the rumours. They were seen whispering in each other’s ear and having a good time together. Moreover, during an interview, while speaking about Selena, Bill cited that he really likes her.

    It is rumoured that Selena Gomez had been taking mental health treatment after the marriage of her long term ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. But apparently, reports suggest that this stunt was a small way of getting to the people who are pretty much poking their nose into her personal life.

    Therefore it has been confirmed that they are not marrying each other and Selena Gomez was joking about Bill Murray being this boyfriend.