Spiderman Far from Home : Peter Parker teases the next Iron Man in MCU


    The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has uncovered that Mysterio is from an imaginary world to the fundamental MCU. Before the arrival of the new take a gander at the Spider-Man: Homecoming continuation, there was a lot of focal points of what Avengers: Endgame spoilers it would uncover. Many associated that would be the demise with Tony Stark – which is unquestionably present – yet it wasn’t the greatest uncover.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, as explained gives a Hint about The Next Iron Man in MCU in Phase 4.

    So let’s begin from the begin. The one question that was asked multiple times in the Trailer was “who is going to be the next Iron Man”? After Iron Man is gone (because he uses the infinity stones to kill Thanos and his army but the toll was too much for Iron Man to take) there is void he left.

    However, Happy Hogan tells Peter that the reason Iron Man do what he did is that he knew that Spiderman would be there to take his place. In other words, is now up to Peter Paker to take up the mantle of Iron Man.

    Spiderman Far from Home : Peter Parker teases the next Iron Man in MCU

    Now that doesn’t mean he will become that Iron Man in the MCU but instead he might play the role of what Iron Man did. From previous movies, we already know he is very smart just like his mentor Iron Man. Therefore we could see him take up the place of Iron Man in and lead the Avengers in Future MCU movies.