Spiderman Far From Home: Mysterio is Lying, he is not from Multiverse


    Spiderman: Far From Home trailer and the release date is out now. After Endgame introducing time-travel, Far From Home is set to introduce Multiverse in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    In the trailer, Mysterio says that he is from another earth. Spiderman being shocked that the theory of Multiverse is true and all.

    But what if Mysterio is actually lying about being from another earth?

    In the comics, Mysterio is traditionally considered to be the villain of Spiderman. But in the movie, he is helping Spiderman out allying himself with Nick Fury, who seems to believe in Mysterio’s story?

    Nick Fury would just trust a complete stranger with powers unless he is not Nick Fury. Yes, there is a theory going around that Nick Fury is actually the Chameleon, from the comics. The Chameleon, as the name suggests can shapeshift into any other human being…being deceptive is his superpower.

    Spiderman Far From Home: Mysterio is Lying, he is not from Multiverse

    What we know from the comics is that Mysterio doesn’t have any superhuman abilities. He is an expert designer of special effects devices and stage illusions, a master hypnotist and magician and an amateur chemist and roboticist. Another guy being deceptive.

    The elemental villains that we are seeing in the movie’s trailer are maybe special effects created by Mysterio himself.

    So it is possible that Mysterio and the Chameleon have allied together against Spiderman. They are both similar in their personalities.

    Their vendetta against Spider-Man will only be fully known when the movie will hit the theatres