Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake: Everything We Know


    Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced in 2015. The trailer of the game was released at E3 2015.

    It has been four years, yet another E3 is on its way, and Final Fantasy VII Remake is still expected to arrive.

    Square Enix has not confirmed the game’s presence in the convention yet. But they released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake which teased: ‘More to come in June.’ Plus, E3 is taking place in LA from June 12 to 14. Hence, the game might appear at the convention.

    Final Fantasy VII is the most famous game of the Final Fantasy series, which in itself is the most popular RPG franchise ever. According to Square Enix, 11 million units have been sold making it the highest-selling game in the franchise and a huge success.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    The game was also critically successful. It bagged a 9.2 rating on Metacritic.

    The remake is expected to be thoroughly different from the original. Final Fantasy VII had turn-based combat but its remake will feature a real-time action. This can be seen in the new trailer released by Square Enix in May, at Sony’s State of Play event.

    In an interview, producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake will have multiple instalments. He said that ‘the company is creating a game just too big to play in one instalment.’

    We are quite familiar with Square Enix’s approach to releasing a game. They do not prefer rushing, instead, they go slow and steady. They took a 13-year gap between Kingdom Hearts II and III. Thus, this justifies why we haven’t seen anything of Final Fantasy VII Remake despite it being announced four years ago.

    Sony would not want Square Enix to take any longer. Because the remake is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and it is expected that PlayStation 5 will be arriving in 2020. Therefore, Sony would like to have the game out when PlayStation 4 is still in preference.