Terminator 6 Dark Fate: Arnold & Sarah Connor are finally “back”


    The year is 2019 and the year has been awesome for movie-going. The list of astonishing sequels, finales and remakes are way long for this year. We haven’t completed the first half of the year yet but we have experienced the whole bunch of exhilarating movies. And looks like the list is way long.

    Paramount Pictures dropped the first trailer for the sixth installment in Terminator franchise. The sixth installment titled as “Terminator 6 Dark Fate” will serve as a sequel to Terminator and T2: Judgment Day. This particularly means that the other three movies didn’t even exist.

    This installment marks the return of James Cameroon (as a producer) and the reunion of Linda Hamilton with Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger with T-800, their respective iconic roles. This is the second directorial work of Tim Miller after Deadpool in 2016. This movie won’t be a normal movie, your mind will insanely blow when T-800 returns. Also, Sarah Connor looks more badass and it is a no-brainer that she will rip bad guys ass off.

    Terminator 6 Dark Fate: Arnold & Sarah Connor are finally "back"

    The trailer introduces very new characters; Mackenzie Davis as Grace, a soldier-assassin sent from the future to protect Natalia Reyes’s, Dani Ramos. While a liquid metal Terminator (portrayed by Gabriel Luna) is in the hunt to terminate Dani Ramos. The opening scene of the trailer introduces Grace, Dani and her brother running and chased by the splitting Terminator. The bad Terminator blows their car but Grace and Dani are alive. When they are on one-to-one combat, Sarah shows up with freaking ammunition and looks like she will blow the hell out of the bad guy.

    Terminator 6 Dark Fate: Arnold & Sarah Connor are finally "back"

    Terminator 6 Dark Fate: Arnold & Sarah Connor are finally "back"

    In the next scene, Sarah talks about who Grace actually is. And after that, oh yeah the iconic T-800 shows up. The rest of the trailer is just overwhelming and mind-cracking action scenes.

    Beside of excitement, the questions arise why John is missing and why the girl is so important? Or did the Artificial Intelligence win again?

    Everything unfolds on November 1st. But Can we wait? Hell, No.