The back-story of villain in One Punch Man revealed


    One Punch Man one of the most loved anime series ever produced. The anime immediately took over the Internet and was the burning hit in 2015. The bald character was loved by everyone and everyone truly enjoys the signature one punch used by the character to defeat evil.

    The story follows of a superhero named Saitama having a bizarre but bold power who blows the enemies with a single punch. The bald superhero gets bored in life due to the very less challenge he faces and feels no actual threat. In the pursuit of the worthy fight, the superhero goes to high rank, S Rank from C Rank. Saitama later is accompanied by the cyborg Genos as his disciple and the duo fight against the crazy monsters and maniacs.

    Latest Episode

    In season two we witness the new mysterious villain named Garou. In the latest episode, it is revealed that Garou always chose the monster’s side since a young age because the heroes mercilessly killed the monsters. He then pledges to stop the heroes killing the monsters. The episode 16 of the series and episode 5 of season 2 showed the potential history about the nefarious villain. The episode centered in the villain recovering from the first fight with our hero. Still, the villain sets out to get rid of the superheroes from the city. Garou involves in a fight with Metal Bat while Saitama disguise as Charango and enters local Super Fight and later meets Sour face who once studied martial arts with Garou.

    The next episode is titled as “The Martial Arts Tournament” and set to release on May 8 while the sixth episode is scheduled for May 15 and title is name as “The Uprising of the Monsters”