The Flash: Season 6 will be Canceled by Official ? Everything About Season 6


    There is a rumour getting viral that season 6 can be postponed and but don’t worry season 6 is already in the process.

    With the conclusion of Season 5 finale, speculations for Season 6 has already started. Fans are eager to know when The Flash will come back with its next season.

    It is not that difficult to predict it right now because, at this point, The Flash is the marquee show for The CW. The show generates highest total ratings for the channel. Moreover, it is also their most-popular streaming shows. Therefore, it will always be preferred over other shows and will be the first show to launch upon kicking off a new season.

    The Flash Season 6

    Although, it is quite early to predict the exact dates for the next season. But for the time being, we can probably expect to see The Flash season 6 back in early October. It can be either the first or second week, not sure. Showrunners will not try to delay it any further because they want it back soon.

    Showrunners are trying to set a dramatic stage for the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover event. Recent Arrow finale did its part to set that up. In the comics, this event led to Barry Allen’s death. He sacrificed himself to save the world. Reverse-Flash will play a key role, a newspaper from the future described him as ‘leading an army of shadow demons.’ Season 5 focused on how Eobard Thawne escaped from Death Row, hence setting him up for this role. Season 6 will surely continue the setup.

    The Flash Season 6

    No matter what happens in the crossover, The Flash as a series is most likely to continue. Nothing has been said whether season 6 will be the last one or not. We believe that it will continue to have at least 7 or 8 seasons in order to tie up with Arrow. Superhero series usually have a small shelf life because it becomes increasingly hard to develop creative stories over time.

    Apart from this, showrunner Todd Helbing will be stepping down this season in order to work on new projects for Warner Bros. He has been part of The Flash family since the first episode. He will be replaced by Eric Wallace, who has been an executive producer for the show since season 4. Furthermore, Carlos Valdez who plays Cisco will also be missing from the next season.