This Avengers Endgame Plot Hole completely changes the film’s ending, Here’s How


    Many people are praising Avengers Endgame as it was able to pull off such an ensemble cast and give every character screen time. People are also praising the movie for its various callbacks and tying up plot threads that were set up in previous movies.

    But even if Endgame was able to tie up most of its long-running plot threads there is one major thing that they missed. And if we take that plot hole into consideration then that would totally change the ending of Avengers Endgame.

    This Avengers Endgame Plot Hole completely changes the film's ending

    I am talking about the last act of Captain America that he did before the ending of Endgame. After Iron Man uses the infinity stones to destroy Thanos and his army Captain America is tasked with returning the stones back to their original respective timelines. They have to do this in order to maintain the integrity of the timelines. However, Captain America goes back in time he doesn’t come back. And in the next scene, we see an old Captain America sitting on a bench a few feet away from the group. This would create major deviance in the original timeline which will then led to multiple changes.

    There are two prevailing theories that explain this issue. One is that he stayed back in time which led to the creation of a separate timeline where he lived his life with Peggy Carter. Then after she died he returned back to the original timeline to meet the Avengers and give Falcon his shield, officially making him the new Captain America in Phase 4.

    This Avengers Endgame Plot Hole completely changes the film's ending
    Pic- Disney

    The second theory is that he went back and stayed in the original timeline. He married Peggy Carter but didn’t reveal himself throughout history and let the event play out as they should have been. Both of these theories have one problem and i.e. there would be 2 Captain America at the same time. One that went back in time and One that is frozen in ice.

    So what do you think? how will the Russo brothers solve this problem? Let us know in the comment section down below.