Truth Behind Selena Gomez and Bill Murray Marriage Rumors


    After American Pop Band Singer Nick Jonas and Indian Bollywood Actresses, Priyanka Chopra got together and married very body was enthralled by that news. And however this news has gotten old, its look like Hollywood has gotten its newest celebrity couple and its none other than singer Selena Gomez and Veteran actor Bill Murray.

    Selena Gomez recent went to France for the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where she was seen on the red carpet wearing a beautiful white dress. There she was seen with her The Dead Don’t Die co-star Bill Murray. But their appearance is not the only thing that the media grabbed on.

    In an Instagram post, Selena Gomez said how she was honored to visit Cannes for the first time. But later in the post, she added, “By the way Bill Murray and I are getting married.” Fans were confused as this news came out of nowhere and many news outlets grasped on that comment.

    There are also images where Bill Murray is whispering in Selena Gomez’s ear among other photos of them together.

    So you might be wondering what’s the truth behind this. Well, whatever you might be reading on the internet about this thing is false because it is very likely that Selena made a joke. And it looks like Bill Murray also went with it.

    In actuality, Selena hasn’t confirmed herself that whether she was serious about her statement or she was joking but it likely the case that the latter is true. But we might hear from her very soon as this incident has become very big.