Who can Be Playing Wolverine in the MCU?


    It seems that we witnessed the final film of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine last year. He was seen last in Logan. Then Disney intervened and acquired 20th Century Fox. That means all the X-Men characters are now under the ownership of Disney. They can now be the part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, it will take sometime before we see any X-Men characters pop up in the MCU.

    Nevertheless, Wolverine is an iconic superhero and we will eventually see him come back to the big screen again. A handful of names have already been tossed around who is rumoured to play the superhero. Here are five rumoured actors to be the new Wolverine:

    Tom Hardy: Tom Hardy is rumoured for about every fascinating role that gets announced in Hollywood. This is completely justified because he has proven his mettle by nailing some iconic action roles in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises and Venom.

    Tom Hardy

    Scott Eastwood: Scott Eastwood confirmed that he would love to play Wolverine in a recent interview with Screenrant. We have seen Eastwood in some action-packed and dramatic roles which went on to become big hits like the Pacific Rim: Uprising and The Fate of the Furious. Moreover, he recently had a role in Suicide Squad as Lieutenant GQ Edwards, making him pretty familiar to the comic book world.

    Scott Eastwood

    Travis Fimmel: The role as Ragnar Lothbrok on the History Channel’s Vikings had made him a star. But, he hasn’t achieved it on the big screen yet. Earlier, he starred in 2016’s Warcraft: The Beginning, which was both critically and financially a failure.
    He is looking for a way to get that success and Wolverine might provide him with that. Fimmel has the rage and emotion that is required for Wolverine. We have seen this in Vikings. Marvel Studios will definitely consider this while casting.

    Travis Fimmel

    Dafne Keen: We have seen him play X-23 in Logan. X-23 was a clone made from Wolverine’s DNA. Audiences liked her character in the movie. So, she can be a replacement for Wolverine. Picking her will have few perks like the character is completely new, so nobody would regret seeing her replace Huge Jackman. Moreover, Dafne is only 13. Marvel Studios will have the potential to hold off her introduction for as long as they want and she could still play the part for years.

    Dafne Keen

    Hugh Jackman: Yes, he can return too. Initially, Hugh told that Logan was his last film as Wolverine. Later he revealed that he might rejoin if Wolverine comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney, Jackman doubled back and said he was done with the character.

    Hugh Jackman

    Now rumours have been there that Hugh Jackman might return. This appeared when Sebastian Stan claimed that he asked Jackman regarding it. Stan remained silent and did not reveal much about his conversation with Jackman regarding the topic.