Will Andrew Lincoln be back as Rick Grimes in walking dead Season 10 ?


    Ever since the season 9 ended in the late March, fans have gone crazy for the season 10, possibly the last installment in the popular The Walking Dead Zombie Netflix series. So far, the updates on this season were very scarce thus disappointing the fan’s need for gossip.
    However, the only news we can be dead sure of as of now would be that the Walking Dead has already renewed for season 10 right when the season 9 mid premiere was out!
    The entire storyline of TWD chronicles the struggles of the human remnants for the survival of humanity in the wake of a Zombie apocalypse.

    The walking dead
    The last episode of season 9 hinted at there being a continuation seeing as how it was surprisingly very subdued compared to its preceding episode. The way the season ended also gives a lot of potential to the story propagation. Season 10 could start off in so many ways if only the creators had the imagination, which they have already proved that they do in the work so far.

    Reports say that the season 10 will be released in the USA this October, that is if all goes planned. The teaser released was more than interesting. It cast the Whisperers from the season 9, whispering “season 10” and “October”.

    “The cast”, well, this is we cannot be sure of seeing how it is not officially announced yet. However, the odds of the surviving members of season 9 returning are comparatively high. Daryl(Norman Reedus) and Carol(Melissa McBride) have the highest odds thanks to them being the heart of the show from the very beginning. The rest, lots of shadows are cast over their future for us to guarantee their season 10 returns. Like how Andrew Lincoln, who left the show in the fifth episode of season 9 will not be back.