Will Kota Factory next Season 2 going to be released by TVF Confirmed ?


    After the successful hit response by TVF fans now the Kota Factory series continues to make episode 5 and will be going to release soon by TVF.  In the last episode of Kota Factory ( Kota Factory – EP 04 – Shutdown ) the students of Prodigy classes were given 4 days holidays to refresh up their minds for the next reshuffling exams meanwhile they have to complete all the practical exams too. So in this episode, all Vaibhav and Meena seem to be chilling with their so called lovers. At one end Meena and his friend Uday Gupta were hanging on the Kota Streets and enjoying with Shivangi and  and at the other end Vaibhav was trying to impress Vartika Ratawal by preparing Vartika for the Maheshwari classes entrance exam.

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    Kota factory episode 5

    The Whole episode was revealing the awesome chemistry of Vaibhav- Vartika,  Meena – Meenal Parekh (A5 Batch Topper) and Uday- Shivangi. They had a very good time with each other and at the last Meena was upset because A5 batch topper was going abroad after classes get over. But Vaibhav at the other was going to propose Vartika but unfortunately unable to propose her because of his anxiety and the episode ends here.

    So basically it will be very interesting to see what will happen in the next episode. Will Vaibhav be able to propose Vartika or Will Vartika will be Vaibhav’s Gf?

    These will be cleared on the TVF’s Kota Factory Season 2 and TVF has already given a hint of the episode to be releasing soon on their twitter handle.