Zayn Malik is Probably Never Getting Back with Gigi Hadid with Proofs


    Singer Zayn Malik and Model Gigi Hadid are the most controversial couple presently on the twitter, they were dating each other from November 2015 but now they were no longer couple’s.

    Both of them Have been Updating their Social Profiles but it has been a month now and no one has been giving hints about each other and also both of them have been posting singles of their photos, so guys they are Just not Intrested anymore.


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    After there break up, Zayn had gone crazy on twitter and he is vomiting everything and anything possible. But it cannot be concealed from his fans and supporters however he claimed that he is not directly saying those things to her. But it can be interpreted that these tweets seemed to be the direct messages to Gigi.

    Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid were in a relationship from November 2015 which is just three months after Zayn broke off his engagement with little mix’s Perrie Edwards and also Gigi ended up things with Joe Jonas. They openly showed their relationship status by January 2016 when Gigi starred in Zane’s new music video pillow talk which was steamy.


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    Then they seemed in the cover of Vogue (Fashion magazine) not once but twice. Then on 2017, they came to an abrupt end where both of them have written publicly there break up statement but again within a month they reconciled and things turned pretty good for them.

    Zayn and Gigi’s relationship seems to be a roller coaster ride since it has lots of ups and downs but still they managed to continue there love with each other but something happened between them and with the starting of this year both of them had decided to break up once-again and this time it seems that both were really upset.

    Social media has created a different hype amongst the public. After all of these, the lengthy tweets of Zayn shows clearly that he is going through something. Now recently as per sources, Gigi was spotted out with One of Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Samuel Krost.

    Samuel and Selena were also first seemed together in November 2015. Gigi had also gone to twitter and tweeted that “Every time I am seen with a friend of the male gender then there’s gonna be a lot of un-needed confusion”.

    So after reading such tweets from Gigi and analyzing the tweets of Zayn, it can be easily interpreted why all of these took place. But still, we hope that things get sorted out and they become good friends again because as per sources and hearing Gigi still has a feeling for him.