13 Reasons Why is actually promoting suicidal activities? Here what the Study found


    13 Reasons Why is one of Netflix’s most critically acclaimed show and every fan loves to binge-watch this stunning drama. The teen drama is engaging, profound, disturbing and also much sensitive to watch given the tenacious storyline that straightly hit up to the youngsters. In some way, the show directly reflects real-life high school situations.

    It’s not a good idea to spill out but actually, there are girls out there who have been treated or being treated like the Hannah Baker in the series. So such a tragic storyline might promote something unusual we don’t want to happen in the real world- the suicide. When the show streamed over web many people believe that it will eventually bring the hapless. And so, it did.

    Mental Health is the most imperative thing in this context of socio-cultural life. There mustn’t be any kind of outrageous impact through any kind of source to one’s emotions, psychology and social well being. All the designated mental health experts issued from the beginning that this Netflix’s show has been the great cause of teen suicide. And now the recent study has even supported their thoughts.

    Hannah Baker on Netflix

    The study that was aided by the National Institute of Mental Health along with the prominent help from researchers of universities and designated people from various hospitals reported awful findings. According to the story, 13 Reasons Why was related with unbelievable 28.9 % increase in the suicidal rate in US and teens of 10-17 age groups just after a month of show’s original release in 2017.

    The NIMH in a post on its official website says, “The results of this study should raise awareness that young people are particularly vulnerable to the media. All disciplines, including the media, need to take good care to be constructive and thoughtful about topics that intersect with public health crises.”