13 Reasons Why: Season 3, What will happen now?


    13 Reasons Why Season 3 will be coming to Netflix in 2019. The Netflix Original has gone on to become one of the most watched series on the binging website, and Season 3 will try to improve upon a traumatizing Season 2.

    13 Reasons Why started in the year 2017, with Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) committing suicide and leaving behind 13 tapes for Clay Jensen, narrating the reasons why she killed herself. After Season 1 received positive reviews and much praise for its hard-hitting approach to suicide and sexual assault, Netflix renewed it for a Season 2.

    Season 2 that came out in 2018 showed the trial of Hannah’s death, which in turn led to more sexual assault cases coming out in the open, and ends with an attempt at a mass school shooting.

    13 Reasons Why: Season 3, What will happen now?

    Season 2 failed to hit as hard as Season 1, with it receiving mixed reviews from critics. A scene in the finale where Tyler is sexually assaulted caused controversy among fans, many claiming it to be “unnecessary” and “traumatizing.”

    Season 3 will hope to do better than its predecessor, while still taking a straight forward approach to issues like sexual assault, school shootings, and suicide.

    What Will Happen in 13 Reasons Why Season 3?

    The season finale showed us how Clay talked Tyler out from starting a school shooting, during the dance. Tony arrives to drive Tyler away just as the police visit. Clay is left holding the assault rifle he took from Tyler, as Jess and Justin enquire what should be done now?

    Season 3 will look to close all the plot holes that they started in season 2. Tyler’s attempted school shooting will be a significant focus of the next season. Tyler’s decision to shoot up the school was triggered by his sexual assault by Montgomery and his friends.

    Justin, now living with Clay, still hasn’t left his heroin addiction and this might affect his relationship with Clay, and Justin’s girlfriend Jessica. Chloe had helped clear Bryce’s name by lying on his behalf. As she was also forced by Bryce, she is now pregnant. Will she keep the child, and will she come forward to testify against Bryce?

    All the evidence of the sexual assault was destroyed by Nina Jones, the reasons for which are unknown as she was a victim. Now with all the evidence destroyed, it will be harder to prove the sexual assaults of all the victims. This will also be a significant plot in the following season.

    13 Reasons Why: Season 3, What will happen now?

    Who’s confirmed to return and who’s not?

    The only major character who will not be returning is that of Hannah Baker. The actress who played the role, Katherine Langford, confirmed in an Instagram post that it would be the end of the character Hannah in season 2. As for whether Katherine is returning in any other role, there is a possibility that she may come back as a new character, but that’s not confirmed yet.

    13 Reasons Why: Season 3, What will happen now?

    All the other main characters will be reprising their roles, the protagonist being Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette), and other definite characters being Jessica Davis (played by Alisha Boe), Justin Foley (played by Brandon Flynn), and Bryce Walker (played by Justin Prentice), among others.

    The season 3 will come on Netflix, in 2019. As of the exact date, that’s not been confirmed yet. But comparing with the previous seasons’ trends, it will probably come later this summer, around May or June. As confirmed on the show’s official Instagram handle, the production of the season ended on February 6th. Fans can now expect a trailer for the upcoming¬†season soon.