13 Reasons Why star Zach Prusak Confirms Season 3’s October Release date


    It looks like we have the date for the Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why. 13 reasons Why completed the second season back on May 18, 2018, and was renewed by Netflix in June 2018 and was expected to return in 2019. With the time multiple rumors waved about the release date, but now it’s like we actually have the release date for Season 3. It’s in October 2019. October, October 2019 is the date, not me, but one of the actors confirms himself.

    Zack Prusak, who plays the role of Jock in the series made a twitter post captioning 13 Reasons Why season 3. October 2019 ! Let’s go !

    13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama series streamed on Netflix created by Brian Yorkey from the critically acclaimed novel by Jay Asher. The story revolves around the 17-year-old Liberty High school student, Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker, his deceased friend. The story started after the suicide of Hannah Baker.

    With the episodes running, later it was revealed that she was the victim of sexual harassment and rape. Season two featured the legal battle between Hannah’s parents and School with various connected students giving testimony.

    Also, As of now, Bryce, who raped Hannah received three months probation and yet Season two left in a cliffhanger. Tyler planned mass shooting in the school but was confronted by Clay and successfully disarms him, but Police sirens are heard, and Clay is holding the gun.

    So there’s lot of things to conclude in season 3 starting from the justice to Hannah Baker. Will Clay and some ‘good guys’ succeed in providing justice to Hannah? Or since, Katherine Langford left the show, will there be whole new incident or change in story arc? Let’s wait till everything unfolds!