90 Day Fiance’ Happily Ever After? Is the Show Still Having the Craze?


    90 Day Fiance’ Happily Ever After is a comedy series that follows a couple who have applied for a K-1 visa. They have 90 days to decide to get married before they have to leave the U.S. 

    Having to marry someone whom you know, not more than 90 days comes with significant risk. The show takes us in the life of these couples. More than three seasons have been tired of the show. It is safe to say that they have been able to keep a good viewership. The shows take us into the life of these couples- Russ & Pao, Alan & Kiriyam, Louis & Aya, Mike & Aziza.


    Alan met Kiriliyam when she was on a Mormon mission to her hometown. She moved to the U.S with him. When she tried modeling, Alan got jealous with all the attention she received. Their marriage was rock solid, and she gave birth to boy “Liam” in October. Russ met Paola Pao when he was in Columbia for his work. They married and moved to Oklahoma although Russ lost his job shortly after marrying.

    Louis met Aya via an online dating service. But they decided to live in the United States as Louis had two young sons. Louis is almost done with his degree while Aya is working. They decide to buy a house in the future. Although the couple did not show in season 2, they are still married. Mike and Aziza met on a language acquisition website. Their relationship was platonic at first, but after Aziza’s visa request denied their relationship turned romantic. They are still married and are expecting a child together. Aziza gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter named Olivia Joan.


    The shows have been able to maintain its’ viewership with every new season and have not let the story get dull or boring. Introducing new characters and the new plot keeps the story fresh and entertaining.