“A female Alfred” , the tweet by Gerry Conway says for the new Batman film


    “Robert Pattinson cast as Batman. Who’s your pick for Alfred?” When Bryan Hitch tweeted out the question, the following is the answer he received back.

    “Hear me out. Maggie Smith.”
    Replied the 66-year-old Gerry Conway, old creator of Punisher.

    This shocking reply of Conway attracted loads of comments and retweets.
    If Matt Reeves’ movie, Batman, gets a female Alfred, the fans might just say RIP to this fantastic show.

    "A female Alfred" , the tweet by Gerry Conway says for the new Batman film

    Conway continues to recommend to cast a female Alfred. He even mentioned the director Matt Reeves in his subsequent tweets offering to change the name to Pennyworth.

    As we all are aware of, Alfred is a male butler responsible for raising Bruce Wayne. Bruce considers Alfred as his father-figure. He was a former member of the British military in the recent Gotham TV series. He eventually helps training the young Bruce Wayne.

    All this will change about Alfred if Gerry Conway gets his way about casting Maggie Smith as female Alfred.