A musical treat with Marshmello and A Day to Remember


    Marshmello, the one who rocks the DJ world needs no introduction. He is one of the best known American song mixers. The most popular songs of Marshmello are- “Friends,” “Silence,” “Happier.”

    A Day to Remember is one famous rock band from Florida. Their claim to fame is because of their unique fusion of metalcore and pop punk.

    Upcoming News

    The great news is both these super talented musicians are collaborating for a new release. Marshmello has declared that they are up for collaboration for their next song ” Rescue Me”.

    Rescue Me is going to be the first single from Marshmello’s album Joytime III. They made their declaration confirm with a preview of this great collaboration. Fans can hardly stay calm after watching the super exciting preview.

    Marshmello also tweeted  June 10 with the news that is going to release on Friday. Although the preview is just a teaser for the much-awaited album, the excitement level has already risen high and high.

    Marshmello is back with his signature style music to rock the world of the audience.

    The bass sound of Marshmello and the perfect combination of Jeremy Mckinnon, the lead vocal of A Day to Remember, is breathtaking.

    This is indeed a piece of big news for the band as it is going to be the first release since 2016. Naturally, listeners can expect great quality music.


    The preview was aired on Youtube’s coverage of E3. It was anchored by Geoff Keighley.


    The music video has already been released on youtube as it was slated for a Friday release. Within 7 hours the video has crossed more than 400 lakh views. Surely, fans are loving this amazing collaboration.

    Music Video

    The video has been directed by Phillip Vernon. The amazing work of style is done by Alison Cartagena.

    The song

    ” When I found you, I found me” – with such soulful lyrics the song is going to cross more than a million views. Fans are already drooling over the song. The comment section of the video is poured with amazing comments.