A secret double date! Taylor and Joe was caught with other two! Check who?


    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are dating since 2016. The two love birds were seen double dating with a couple, who seems to be all hush about their relationship.

    Taylor Swift and Joe are madly in love with each other, and they have been seen multiple times together in the town. Recently, this duo was spending some quality time with Robert Pattinson and Waterhouse. These two are said to be supposedly dating since last year and are very alert about their public appearances whereas Swift and Joe has surpassed those days and are pretty much comfortable with the public presentations.

    This squad went to a venue in Los Angeles, The Hollywood’s San Vicente Bungalows. This venue is famous for the kind of privacy it maintains. The San Vicente Bungalows is an absolute exclusive members-only club. Other members include Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio. Over here, they don’t allow people to take pictures. Recently, Joe Jonas and his wife had their honeymoon, and Page 6 could not get any photos or videos. So this is the best place to have a particular date.

    According to the sources, the four of them were seen having a great time together, and they were very comfortable with each other. The foursome spending time together left everyone perplexed. Well, that surely indicates that they are good friends with each other. Taylor and Joe were also spotted in the town some days back, holding hands together and being very much comfortable publicly.

    This double dating is not less than a celeb web, and fans are excited for more new exciting news from these love birds of the town.