Activision and IW facing backlash from journalists over Modern Warfare plot details


    Call of Duty will have another breathtaking project this year in the gaming world. Though the name looks like we already know about, Infinity Ward and Activision have promised there will be a whole new storyline. This Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the reboot of original Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, but in a new universe with unusual gaming experience.

    But along with the hype of rousing trailer, the reboot has generated a stack of black lash from the critics. The trailer included in-game footage that provides for hyper-realistic scenes. This sort of realism in games makes the gaming experience more overwhelming. The bad-to-the-bone gamers are always in pursuit of such experience, but many people may find sensitive and act of violence. Critics say that Activision has pulled the real-life delicate political themes into the storyline.

    Activision and IW facing backlash from journalists over Modern Warfare plot details

    Activision has always included political stuff in gaming. Back then, in the second instalment of Modern Warfare, CoD had a campaign named No Russian that focused on shooting the civilians in Moscow Airport. This time the Infinity Ward, amidst the controversy has introduced terrorist and Middle East campaign. Completely re-imagined. But fans and critics are no fool to deduce that it is the remastered version of No Russian.

    The design director Jacob Minkoff says that you could never know the impact of ancillary damage and destruction on the average person if we only show the heroes fighting the bad guys and winning. The realistic view of war is in need to experience the situation a soldier face. But critics believe the scary and realistic death animations wouldn’t be fit for everyone. This hyper-realism would never understand the real world situation. Though the designers had done much research, they will never know how an actual soldier under political turmoils faces death, chewed up and threw out by the never caring War machines and the system.

    Modern Warfare is expected to bring the hype of CoD even higher when it comes to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 25th October.