Actress Janina Gavankar teases Horizon Zero Dawn 2 plot and release date for next year in 2020


    Horizon Zero Dawn 2 was a great success of Guerilla Games, and actress Janina Gavankar has said that the Guerrilla Games is working on the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing gameplay which is developed by Guerrilla Games movie, and Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes it. It was firstly released in 2017 for PlayStation 4. In this game, there is a hunter, namely Alloy. She lives in a world overrun by machines whose sole aim is to uncover it’s past. The player in the game uses a spear, ranged weapons and stealth to fight with mechanized creatures and to loot their remains.
    Horizon Zero Dawn will be bringing back the skill tree from the previous game from which the players get new abilities and bonuses.

    Now it is confirmed by the statement of actress Janina Gavankar that its sequel will be released soon although Guerrilla Games has not announced it yet. The sequel will be released in 2021 for the next generation PlayStation console. There is pretty much zero chance that Guerrilla Games will publish it for Microsoft Xbox One.Voice Actor Janina Gavankar Confirms Horizon Zero Dawn 2 'is in Work'

    Horizon zero dawn is considered as one of the best games of PlayStation 4. Guerilla Games has sold over 7.6 million copies of Horizon Zero Dawn worldwide till February 2018. Horizon Zero Dawn 2, for now, must be in the early stages of its development. Currently, nothing has been out regarding the game. What we can do for now is wait till the time anything is confirmed or revealed by its producers.

    There is one good news for the fans who are waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. And that good news comes from Actress Janina Gavankar who worked on Horizon Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds DLC in which she voiced Tatai. During one of her live stream, she talked about a possible “sequel” of Horizon Zero Dawn. She said, “It’s incredible. Just wait ’til you see the sequel, you’re gonna die, I know some secrets, you’re gonna die.”

    Now, even though she didn’t reveal much info about the Possible sequel she did in a way confirmed that a Horizon Zero Dawn’s is in work. So the only question remains when will the devs of the game actually announce Horizon Zero Dawn themselves?