Adventurous journey in Krypton Season 2? Is it Still that Fun?


    Fans can hardly keep their calm as the new season of Krypton is about to begin. After the full adventure ride in season 1 of Krypton, the second season certainly brings a lot more fun and adventure.

    Release date-

    Krypton season 2 has launched this June 12 on SyFy. The story takes up after six months the first season ended.

    New vibe-

    The new season of Krypton comes with a catchy headline. The title of the show says- ” Light Years From Home.” Undoubtedly, the adventure level is going to increase.

    Krypton comes with a whole new world of fascinating and exciting characters. The makers of the show have remarked that the audience is going to have a treat. All the characters have a unique style of their own to win over the heart of every fan.

    This adventurous ride of the new season is exceptionally high paced. The audience will have no time to refresh their memories of the last season. The story takes a gripping speed from the first episode itself.


    The first episode shows the entrapment of Seg-El. He is entrapped in the Phantom Zone with Brianiac. The hero is present with a lot more courage and strength.

    Seg-El sports a new look as well. To hide the darker side of his character, he takes the help of a new beard. The careless attitude is also an added feature.

    Cameron Cuffe plays the role of Seg-El in Krypton. He is the perfect fit for the role. He plays the character effortlessly making it all the more intriguing.

    Double trouble-

    Joining this adventure of Seg-El is the character of Brianiac. Their team is unbelievable. This two share the most amazing relationship ever. Their dynamism speaks through their impressive performances.

    Blake Ritson plays the role of Brianiac.


    In the first episode, the audience see the appearances of Adam Strange and Val-El. Strange’s character is filled with charm. Although no other character can ever match the charisma of the fascinating Sag-El.