After Dark Phoenix Kevin Feige says, X-Men will not be included in MCU phase 4 of Marvel Studios


    MCU phase 3 and X Men Dark Phoenix now in theatres Marvel has started producing their Phase 4 movie. And many of its Phase 4 movies are already under development, but MCU phase 4 will not include X-Men.

    This is because the X-men franchise has sustained huge losses and it will produce the film with profit in mind. So Marvel needs to make significant changes to introduce X-men in MCU.

    X-Men is a superhero movie franchise based upon the fictional superheroes team. These superheroes originally appeared in the comic books created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and it is published by Marvel Comics.

    As we all know that The Marvel Studios has obtained rights to X-Men franchise and to the Fantastic Four Characters franchise. But the recent movie of X-Men Fox’s X-Men could not make much success and could not sustain profits and was brutally beaten by critics.
    This Movie has incurred huge losses of over $100 million.

    Kevin Feige says, X-Men will not be included in MCU phase 4 of Marvel Studios

    So the Marvel Studios has said that it will not release any X-Men movie for now as there is no rush to bring the X-men to the marketplace and when it will be back then it will extend Marvels run another 10 years.

    As Marvel’s Phase 3 is completed and it will produce the phase 4 movies and the calendar of upcoming years for phase 4 is already set. Phase 4 has many movies under development including Black Widow, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Black Panther 2, etc. But it will not include X-Men for now. Therefore the fans of X-Men series have to be patient as it appears that MCU will take much time to reboot the franchise.