After Long Wait, Scream Season 3 will Premiere this July. Know Everything


    Back in October 2016, Scream was renewed for its third season, with Brett Matthews hired as the show’s showrunner. Since then no update was there regarding the upcoming season, until now.

    Recently a trailer for the third season was released which contained the actual footage of the show.  The series will focus on high school football star Deion Elliot (RJ Cyler). Elliot had a tragic past which comes back to haunt him and most probably ruin his bright future.

    Apart from Cyler, the rest of the cast includes Keke Palmer, Mary J. Blige, Tyler Posey, Tyga, Giorgia Whigham, Jessica Sula, C.J. Wallace, and Giullian Yao Gioiello. In the show, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legend Michael Jackson, will also make a cameo appearance in one of the episode.

    After Long Wait, Scream Season 3 will Premiere this July. Know Everything


    The upcoming season will be a reboot. Also, the first one in the three seasons to include the Scream movie franchise’s iconic ‘Ghostface’ mask. Roger Jackson, the person behind the voice of the killer featured in the movies, voices the character in the new season.

    The first of the Scream movie first appeared in 1996, and it was a classic becoming a critically acclaimed movie.  In 1997, the second movie of the franchise was released, followed by 2000 and 2011.  Till now there is no Scream 5 as it made its way to the small screen.

    The first episode of the upcoming season will premiere on 8th July. The other episodes of the season will air on the following nights in two-hour blocks on VH1.