Agents of the Shield Season 6 Episodes Shows Connections to MCU’s Doctor Strange, Coincident or Intentional?


    In season 5 of the Agents of the SHIELD, we have seen a replica of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The similarity between Marvel Comics series and MCU movies was also witnessed in the currently premiering season of Agents of the SHIELD. The creators of season 6 of this ABC series developed a new villain who used technology to create a kind of magic that resembles Doctor Strange’s trickery.

    Orange Cicled Portal in Doctor Strange movie, Image Credit:
    Orange Circled Portal in Doctor Strange movie, Image Credit:
    Where We Spotted the Similarity?

    Agents of the SHIELD season 6 is revolving around the world of Chronicoms, the all-knowing synthetic beings to which we were introduced in the season 5. The recent episodes revealed a part where a team of Hunters was sent by species to capture Leo Fitz. So that they can know about time travel technology. The motive is to use the tech to save their home planet. The same thing in which SHIELD got success when they were saving the earth.

    What is Similar in Doctor Strange and Agents of the SHIELD?

    The formidable Hunters have technologies and arsenals that are not even in the reach of SHIELD. Their augmented bodies to match up with superheroes powers was the main highlight. But another thing that should hit your mind is the device that was used by Malachi, the Hunter to capture Fitz. The thing was capable of releasing a circled orange color portal which engulfed everyone that is in its territory and threw them in a far-flung destination.

    James Baker as Malachi in Agents of SHIELD, Images Credit: ABC
    James Baker as Malachi in Agents of SHIELD, Images Credit: ABC

    Isn’t it sound familiar to you? Obviously, it is. Doctor Strange was the one who used this type sorcery at first.

    Though The Tricks are Not Perfect Clone of Each Other

    Though he and his fellow practitioners used a Sling Ring to create the portal. On the other end, Hunters developed a kind of device with their enhanced technology which imitates the magic of The MCU movie’s superhero.

    Doctor Strange, Credit: Inverse
    Doctor Strange, Credit: Inverse

    That magical orange round was the highlight of Doctor Strange, which was used as the preferred transport mode. Another difference that we can gauge here is that Strange has to use his abilities of pure thought to select the targeted place. While The Chronicoms harnessed the magic within technology, and it is not required to calibrate the machine manually. They can do it by just jumping and disappearing in the ring and suddenly emerging at a new place.

    How Chronicoms Got To Know About the Magic?

    Now the question is how the villains of Agents of the SHIELD managed to develop the same trick. That is when there is no connection between the series and MCU movies. The connection we can see here is that the Chronicoms have the advantage to watch the whole galaxy. It is not difficult for the supremely intelligent, technologically superior to imitate a fascinating mystic art they have spotted.

    We do not have any clue that the Chronicoms’ technology is an emulated form of Doctor Strange’s magic or not? Is it a mere coincidence? If the answer is no. Then is it a nod to further connection we are going to see in the following season of Agents of the SHIELD and MCU movies?