.Swiped, a comedy Netflix movie now available on other platforms too was released on 6th November 2018. It is directed and written by Ann Deborah Fishman.


    As suggested by the director, it’s a great ensemble of actors like Noah Centineo as Lance Black. Kendall Ryan Sanders as James Singer, Kirsten Johnston as Professor Barnes. Steve Daron, Maddy Curly, Kalani Hilliker, Nathan Gamal and many more.



    In the trailer of the movie, Lance Black is playing the role of a womanizer in the college. Who meets James Singer, a coding expert. In the world of girls trying to make meaningful relationships, Lance wants only hook-ups, which is challenging to have.

    He then persuades James to develop a dating app, which is later corrected by one of his friends as ‘hook-up app.’ Their professor Barnes is supportive for their career. Then Lance explained to her about the app he is developing hiding the identity of James.

    There are some cruel terms and conditions for the hook-up in the app. When the app develops all the desperate boys of the college logged in and then begged the girls for making their accounts. In this way, this app became a huge success.

    Later, James realized that his own family is using this app, including her mother as she was unaware of the fact and insides of this app. He then turned down the app, which made every single guy of the college, and they started looking for James as he finds his way to hide at his college girls’ place.


    Will James be able to stop her mother from using the app? What if, those guys will find James? Will Jame’s old friend come to know that James made this app?

    To find answers to these questions and enjoy the twist and satire on society’s present situation of relationships. Add ‘Swiped’ in your next watch list!!