‘Always Be My Maybe’: Netflix has fans gushing over new lighthearted rom-com


    Netflix has released another original movie, ‘Always Be My Maybe’, starring Randall Pak and Ali Wong, and the fans are loving it!

    The movie is about a famous chef Sasha, who moves back to her old town to open up a restaurant where she is reunited with her childhood friend, Marcus. They rekindle their romance when Sasha’s engagement breaks; but will the two adults belonging to two different socioeconomic classes put aside their differences to make it work?

    Nahnatchka Khan’s romantic comedy is a must watch for anyone who’s in the mood for a lighthearted, tear jerking, movie. It has an almost all Asian star cast, with a cameo from Keanu Reeves. Fans were delighted to find out that he had a role in the movie. The Twitterverse is gushing over him playing himself. Reeves even helped improve the script by suggesting a few jokes and lines.


    Pak finally got his big break as a lead, and Wong has already been making a name for herself in the industry. It is a predictable, cliche love story, but Khan’s directorial style is what really pulled the movie together.

    Netflix always creates movies for a certain demographic, and it has always delivered. This time was no different. The people who watched the movie only have positive reviews about it. Asian-Americans everywhere are happy that they were portrayed exactly as they are in real life and not in some stereotypical manner.

    What makes this movie amazing is that it does not provide you with a complex plot and over the top romance. It is simple, and light and will fill your heart. If your’re not doing anything this weekend, this is a must watch. You can find this movie on the streaming website, Netflix, or download the app to watch it.