Outages of Jio Causing Call and Internet Issues in India. Are You Facing?


    If you are Jio Network/Sim User then this might concern you because Jio has been facing severe connection problem for the past couple of days. The issues range from the Bad Call Quality to not being able to call at all. So what might be the problem behind these issues? Let us find out. But First, we have to discuss the multitude of problems that Jio Customers are facing.

    First is the calling problem. A number of users have reported that they are unable to make calls using their Sim. When they dial a number they hear no dial tone and then the call disconnects automatically. This is one of the major issues because of the size and scale of the Jio Network because Jio has the largest customer base in India and many people are affected by it.

    The second problem is the call quality problem. Now one thing we want to point out is that Jio was the first company to introduce VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) in India. And therefore introduced Indian customers the benefits of VoLTE because of its voice quality. However, due to the unknown issue that Jio Network is facing, many Jio Customers are reporting that they are experiencing very bad quality voice calls where the caller hears garbled from the other side and cannot make out what the other person is saying. And other time the caller cannot even hear the person he/she is calling.

    Last but not least, the internet problem. Now to be fair Jio has had an internet problem but that cannot be blamed on their network because their network is capable of handling the traffic. The problem is the bottleneck that user create due to the limited amount of Cell Towers in a particular area. A Cell Tower can only handle a limited number of request at a single time. And the increased amount of Jio Users in a particular area creates a bottleneck and slows down the Internet speed of the user significantly. But to Jio’s credit, they are actively trying the solve this problem by increasing the number of towers.

    However, the last couple of days have been severely bad for Jio internet user as they are reporting internet speed that is lower than the average of what they used to get. And this results in an increased load of webpages, Increased buffering rate and an overall bad internet usage experience.