“Angelina Jolie” suffering From ‘Bell’s Palsy’ After her Split from “Brad Pitt”


    It is rumored from a long time that Angelina Jolie is ill and now she has admitted that she was suffering from Bell’s Palsy after her split from Brad Pitt

    Angelina Jolie is an American actress and filmmaker, and she won Oscar award in 1999.

    It is said that she is very ill from longtime meaningly she is at death bed and she has lost almost 79 pounds.

    Angelina and Jon had a significant fall when Jon claimed that Angelina has some serious mental issues in one of the interviews in 2002.

    After that, it was reported that she is suffering from anorexia and cancer because of which her husband Brad Pitt threatened to divorce her, and meanwhile, she lost heavyweight.

    "Angelina Jolie" suffering From 'Bell's Palsy' After her Split from "Brad Pitt"
    Credits: dazzling.news.com

    But, Angelina never admitted the anorexia reports. She acknowledged that she lost weight shortly after her mom’s death in 2007, and that is also because of stress and depression.

    Then Angelina insisted that she tries to be healthy for the sake of her six children.

    Now, she has admitted that she suffered damage to her nerves, which caused her face to droop and she has fully recovered after acupuncture.

    She also confessed that she suffered from hypertension and started to get grey hairs.

    Then she said that after a preventative double mastectomy in 2013, she developed the menopause and then after two years she got her ovaries removed.

    And then she admitted that she was suffering from Bell’s Palsy.

    "Angelina Jolie" suffering From 'Bell's Palsy' After her Split from "Brad Pitt"
    Credits : express.uk.co

    Hence it is confirmed that Angelina Jolie suffered from Bell’s Palsy.
    Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which face muscles become paralyzed due to nerve problems.